Pool/Liner Installs

Above Ground Pools:
AG pools vary in size, cost less than in-ground pools, and great for your family to escape that summer heat. Not to mention tiring the kids out! 
In-ground Pools:
Full service in-ground pool technicians opening and closing pools, heater upgrades, trouble shooting, liner replacements, and a great smile! Lets get that pool up and running for the summer. 


  1. Scheduling is critical due to pool seasons being limited.
  2. Send email, text, or call. 
  3. After agreement we start contracts and deposits.
  4. Upon deposit agreement and contract, we can begin!
  5. We may schedule faster depending on your location. Let’s schedule you today!
When ordering products from our store please set up an account and take advantage of having your new pool and products install from one retailer. Set up an account today and get started!

Thepoolinstallers.com provides quality installations that last for years. First step is leveling the ground leveled with our laser leveling technology. Then obstructions removed, sand put into place, and pool is built to last through the years.
Some estimates to professionally install an AG pool may range near $1000 and more. The price varies according to how level the ground is, pool location, type, and size.

20140521_113033 Perfect Ground Work!

Check your property for the most suitable area for your pool. We measure slightly larger than your new Above Ground Swimming pool then mark it out using string and this will be the area to level. There should not be grass, rocks, twigs or any debris in pool area.
Level ground in preparation for pool assembly. Sand will be needed to build a nice 2 inch base for the liner and cove. However, even the purest sand may still have some debris so checking it is a good idea. Remember to deliver sand next to pool area and not inside pool area prior to installation.
Next, the liner is stretched and installed before putting the top rails together. For Intex pools we take extra caution to perfect the install by constantly fine tuning the liner before the water gets too high.  We then work out liner wrinkles while slowly filling pool. Removing wrinkles is very important regardless of the type of above ground pool.
Finally, connect hoses and pump while the pool is filling. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for your particular pool closely ensures it functions properly. Once pool is full, test the water and add necessary chemicals to ensure the water stays clear and ready for swimming.
Liners come in different designs, thickness, application styles and pricing. We’ve completed hundreds of Liners and take pride in completing a full inspection prior to installation to save you time and money! Please see our store for additional products to improve your pool experience like floor foam, wall foam, and skimmers.
Choose a liner type from below and simply order from us and save on installation.
Consult with our Technician if you have any questions: 617.251.6587



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